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Natural Sequence Farming

Natural Sequence farming (NSF) is a process where the flow of water is slowed down using more tree and plant cover at the top of hills, as well as a series of leaky weirs, ponds and wetlands within a creek or river system.

NSF has been observed to:

  1. *Slow flow in a Streambeds and Floodplains

  2. *Increases Water availability

  3. *Produces outstanding water quality

  4. *Decreases channel erosion

  5. *Creates ecologically significant pools

  6. *Increases riverbank and stream vegetation.

Predictions of benefits of NSF are:

  1. *Enhanced ground water supply

  2. *Improved base/environmental flow

  3. *Reduced sediment and nutrient loss

  4. *Reduced discharge of Sal (salt)

  5. *Recovery of stream and flood plane balance.

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When establishing an Eco-Village, a plan of modifying the landscape to optimise practical and environmental benefits of water flow within the total property may have to be developed before people move in. People could move in before this, where moving in won’t effect any land modification work. As the plan for the eco-villages is for a development to last a very long time, well designed plans for water harvesting and optimal water holds and flows could be done to benefit generations to come.