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How it Works

There are two types of profiles users can create, Man/Woman looking for an Eco Village, and Eco Village looking for People.

Man/Woman looking for an Eco Village

This is your personal profile. Anyone can create one of these profiles. In this section you can write a description of yourself, upload photos and what type of eco-Village you would like to live in and what time frame you would like to move into one. Participate in forums, chat rooms, instant message with other users, create or join groups, post blogs, create events and places or upload videos. The functions at the bottom of the profile page allow you to create a more artistic page than the standard text if you'd like.

Just to give some guide lines on what the criterion means
I will move to an Eco Village as soon as possible - You'd leave where you are and what you are doing within a couple of weeks when the opportunity arrises.
I will move into an Eco Village in the near future (transition) - You'd start doing some work on the land that you would live upon within say 6-12 months, and then gradually move to living there full time over say maybe a 3 year period
I will move into an Eco Village in the near future (leap) - You'll move into an eco-village in the next 3 years, but make the transition quite quickly.
I would move into an Eco Village, but not for some years. - This is a longer term plan, so you would make the move in more than 3 years.
I am curious about the Idea - your here because the site has so much great information and so many wonderful people, but presently no strong desire for living in an eco village has arisen.
I am not interested in living in a Eco Village - Here for the great info and people, but you'd rather apply what you learn in your present living circumstances, or in a modern town or city.

Refer to the eco-village designs for a description of each village type that you most prefer, and as the software the site presently uses also requires that you enter the stage of village development you are at (status) just select the Male or Female button.

The main purpose of the site is that you can use these search functions to find people that have similar interests in Eco-Village living, and that you can form groups to get focused on your combined effort to create the home and village of your dreams. Groups that have already started along this path will create one of the profiles of the second type - I am an Eco-Village looking for people.

Please continue reading.

I am an Eco Village looking for People

The profile can be created the same way as the personal profile, however this type of account should also immediately create a group for itself as it's own little user area.

This is a profile for existing eco villages, or can be created by someone for gathering people to build a particular village type.

For Example,
Someone who wants to create an Eco-Village within 3 hours drive of Sydney would do the following:
1. Create a profile as "I am an Eco-Village looking for people"
2. Place the location as Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
3. Select the type of Village or community they would like to create, off the Village Designs list
4. Choose the status "Gathering People to form and Eco Village"
5. Write in the headline a brief description of the village, such as "We Would love to Create a Full Scale Eco-Village Based on the Kin-Domain design within 3 hours drive of Sydney"
6. Write a more detailed description in the About Me section.
7. Set up a group that can organise it's own forum and wall.
8. Use the search function to find possible members for the village and send interest (smiles) to these members.

From this point on, as the group grows, the person using the eco-village profile can also post events and so forth. as more members join the group and express interest, the main body of the profile can be updated, and include such information as 'We now have 1500 interested members' for example. They profile can later be changed to "Forming Eco-Village" as some momentum starts towards looking for land etc. then later upgrading to "Existing-Eco Village" when the Village is inevitably created.

In the cases where there is an Eco-Village that is not looking for people, just write in your profile that you have no space for people to move in. I'm sure your other valuable contributions will be well appreciated.

All the features are free, so sign up now if you haven't already done so.

We wish you an enjoyable, rewarding and successful journey,