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Why use Sustainable Eco Villages' Social Network?

It's a place to share information, points of view, and more importantly, to bring people together for the co-creation of eco-villages.

How it Works

Create your Free profile
Fill out some basic information about yourself, upload your photo, and write what you like: why you are here, what makes you interested in joining an eco village, and what your ideal scene is.

Search the site
Once inside our site, you can search our growing database of people interested in forming eco villages and communities, as well as existing or forming eco Villages. Search by location, and type of village, and other personal preferences. Show Interest in other members or villages, or join groups by just clicking a button. All of this is free.

We suggest you read the "How it Works" page for more details on the site is intended to be used.

Site Features

The site provides a platform for people to create separate groups within the user area. Groups can be focused on a topic (eg. Eco Housing), a group for people from a particular area to create a village in their area, or an existing eco village that is looking for new members. Each group has it's own group wall and group forum, as well as the list of members.

There is also a general forum, opportunities for people to post or search blogs, post events or places that other people may be interested in.

We offer Instant Messaging, with Voice and Video chat so you can communicate to people in real time.

You can also narrow your search if you are looking for arrow your search with our handy Keyword Search. Just type it in and find out who else shares your passion!

Our Community

A growing number of people world wide are becoming more interested in sustainable living, and community living. For some it's as a result of seeing the continued destruction of the environment, and living in a system that virtually guarantees your participation in this destruction, unless extreme steps are taken. For others it may stem from an emotional or spiritual crisis, for some continued dissatisfaction in their lives, and for others, just knowing that more or better is possible.

This is a place where people can come and discuss ideas and share information, as well as create their own sub-groups for focused action.

Success Stories

Well most of these lay somewhere in the future at the moment.

The more proactive everyone is about creating the change they want, the sooner the change happens. Whether it's by using this site as a platform for networking and gathering information or in other areas of your life. Participate, Communicate, let what you want be know and go for it. Find the people you share the common ground and vision with, and let others have their differences. Remember to have fun along the way.

Our Goal

We won't tell you what is right for you. Our goal is to broaden your horizons, to stimulate thought, and create strong healthy social networks, so that the power of many together can create with ease what is a challenge for divided individuals.

Many of us have bright visions, dreams of a future we would like to live in, and together the group energy will bring these visions into reality much sooner. For others who are just curious, perhaps the information contained on this site will ignite a vision that is compatible with other's dreams, and the momentum grows.


Andrew - Site Administrator