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Cover Of Anastasia by Vlamir Megre

The Kin Domain is presented in Anastasia (book 1) and the Ringing Cedars Series (presently 9 books) written by Vladimir Megre’. 

The series of books presents a unique perspective on history, society, family, education, spirituality and man’s relationship to nature.  It presents some unique solutions to problems that are present throughout the world. Well worth reading.

(The books use the term Man to describe both man and woman, so man will be used herein for simplicity).

A kin-domain essentially means family home, though has far more to it than just being a home.

A Kin Domain Design

Some Kin-Domain Designs

A Kin Domain Design


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The difference between kin-domain and the current “family home” is that the land the kin-domain is based upon would have to be sufficiently large to sustain most food, water and building materials for the family living upon it in perpetuity, generation after generation after generation. The kin-domain is planted in a way that makes it highly productive for food, whilst requiring a minimum of effort.

Although it would take quite an amount of work to establish, as well as many years for the plant and animal systems within the domain to reach equilibrium, some time. If done well this is quite possible, as exemplified by food forests.

Ideally a kin-domain would be free from taxes and owned outright, with hereditary title in perpetuity, the kin-domain being passed on to the next of kin.

A kin-domain would have some or all of the following features

A dam or pond to provide a water supply

Living fences

Trees planted to provide wood for future generation’s buildings and for firewood where needed.


Farm and companion animals

A food forest

Vegetable patch

An area for the cultivation of grains

Many of these aspects can be easily integrated in the one