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Bush Foods and Edible Weeds

There are many edible plants that are not well know, both weeds and natives to an area. Some reasons to know and use edible species include:

  1. Many are highly nutritions, with high enzyme, vitamin and mineral content, some are high in protein and some species have medicinal properties.

  2. Easy to grow - the plants that take care of them selves and grow on their own.

  3. Leaving some of the weeds where they grow is useful, as they often serve the function of repairing and maintaining soil so that other species can later come in.

  4. In times where your food forest or vegetable garden are less abundant, the weeds may provide as an additional supplement to your diet.

Some groups of leaves can be combined to make delicious nutritious salads, whereas some are unpalatable or need to be cooked to eliminate toxins.

As some edible species look quite similar to highly poisonous species, that may also be growing right next to each other. We recommend not eating a weed or native plant to your area unless you are certain that you have an edible specie.

We’re not suggesting introduce weeds into an area, just using all the edible plants including weeds. We recommend that all plants planted are well researched so that no invasive weeds are introduced to an area. Both gardeners and permaculturists have been responsible for naively introducing invasive weeds into an area where a variety was previously not present. Read about invasive species here.

Links to sites with bush food and edible weeds:

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