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Round Eco Village Design

Eco Village Designs

Kin Domain Design

To create a suitable eco-village as a village, it would be important to make the village of sufficient size to all support all necessary services, yet small enough to be walkable and maintain a healthy tight community spirit.

This means some of the following features

  1. *Walkable communities - building villages small enough so that no need for transport within the village for day to day living

  2. *Water supply from within the village

  3. *Designed so most future building materials are originated from within the village landscape (sustainable forestry etc.)

  4. *Large enough village to support most necessary services - school, medical, market, sports etc

  5. *Small enough to maintain community group cohesion

  6. *Large enough to provide opportunities for arts, entertainment, sports and a whole variety of other activities.

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village Map

Fundamentals of Village Design is an excellent paper t