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Working off the simple formula ‘A smaller house uses less resources to build, heat, cool and maintain.”

Presenting discussions, designs and solutions, including  green housing.

For those that want luxury living, or more conventional housing, houses can be built to designs such as those created by Blue Eco Homes at . Although it would create a greater initial environmental foot print than some of the above designs, they area built with more efficient resources than conventional houses, are self sufficient and beautiful. This may be the housing of choice for people who need to live in more conventional types of homes.

All the above mentioned houses may need to be modified, and can be modified to satisfy the building regulations of a particular area or country.

The present conventional housing is based on creating a design and then modifying nature to fit this design in order to build it. Eco-housing in varying degrees uses nature and designs the house to fit with nature. A builder can feel a piece of wood and think about where it would be most suited in a structure, and build the structure to fit the wood, to an extent, rather than modifying the wood to fit a design. They can also look at the landscape and see where a home is best suited and work with the land to create the lowest impact and most