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Super Adobe or eco-Dome - visit

Similarly, this can be constructed for around $5000.  The architecture is founded on low cost, environmentally sustainable building technology, that these ‘materials of war’ (feed/grain bags & barbed wire & cement) can be found virtually anywhere on the globe. These Super ‘Domes’ can be constructed into Beautiful Low cost homes or villages.

It works by harvesting the earth up from under your feet and mixing it with a small amount of cement & water, followed by packing into short polypropylene bags or ‘long bag roll’ available from Cal-Earth, Obviously other materials can be used to construct the bags. Barbed wire acts as a dry mortar in between the bag rolls. The structures can then be plastered inside and out with the same earth blend used to fill the bags. These structures can withstand extremely high winds, floods, fires & earthquakes!

Super Adobe or Eco-Dome


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