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A. Savrasov,
"Knowledge kept by the dolmens"
From the author:
All the spirits are Aryans. Calling themselves Druids. Those are bright priests, who possessed colossal knowledge and knew how to use it.
A priest – means one who ratifies life. He possesses in full measure the energy of life, can enlarge it or reduce it. Dark priests reduce, the light ones – enlarge.
Knowing many thousands of years ago, what will be happening on the Earth and what will people turn into, to preserve the knowledge for their descendants, these people started to go into the Dolmens, so that their soul and their knowledge would remain on the Earth.
Uradon is speaking
Having pure thoughts, possessing true knowledge, I am, today's Spirit, while still a person, like you are right now, have made a decision and chose my predestination to be that of preserving knowledge for my descendants, that is for you.
People, understanding and aspiring towards our knowledge, will be appearing on Earth in about two hundred years. But if nothing is done today, then even in two hundred years such people will not exist. That is why some common, surface truths we will be giving out today. We can reveal a lot, but you will not be able to accept it. Without knowing how to use it, you can do harm to your own selves. That, which is written in this book, will play a kind service for people, that have the Divine spark in their heart, in other words, for people, created in the image and likeness of God. For on the Earth right now live not only divine people, but bio robots as well, who saw disharmony, get in the way, create harm. At times a person does not know, where the truth is, and where is a lie – such wickedly they have set up their doings. Attempting to take over an initiative, get in the lead of some bright movement and gradually break everything up, lie and cover up with dirt the purity of your thought, the purity of your actions. They act such, that people turn away from light, from the truth and go back to the paws of their “be-headers”. Why does this happen? Because you are “in a dream”, you are “with eyes closed” and can not determine, where is “day”, and where is “night”. I will give you one advise: try every day, at least for a few seconds to look at the sun with open eyes, and without asking for anything, gift it your love, simply say it. Selflessness – that is the purity of thoughts. Believe it, you will awaken.
Why do I give such great meaning to selflessness – because it is in that, the difference between good and evil, truth and a lie, light and darkness.
Love – is kind, Love – is truthful, Love – is bright, Love – is the core, the foundation, the truth.
Love is selfless,
Love – it is life,
For God – it is love.
  • May 22 2018 at 11:24 am
Leeza DOLMEN APPEAL-REQUEST We appeal to people who began to "open their eyes" and saw the horror of their situation. You take a hectare of land and create your own Space of Love. But you begin building your Space of Love with a building. For today to build a house, you need to think about money, where to get them, where to buy building materials, and cheaply, how to bring everything there, where to find people, to build, and pay less for it... And it turns out that the first thought with which you begin to create your Space of Love, just think about these words - SPACE OF LOVE - try to really understand, fully penetrate all the depth and significance of your creation, not only for you, but for all your Kin, for your children, grandchildren, and so on. But it turns out that your first thought is self-serving. We very well see the energy of your thoughts. You are doing yourself irreparable harm, without understanding it yourself. But your ignorance does not change anything. Your first thought should be selfless, however good it may be. Do not start creating your Love of Space with the construction of houses. And start with your Love, giving it to the Earth to the fullest! Spend a year on this, just live there and tell your space about yourself. Tell it everything about your parents, about grandparents, about all your close relatives. Ask the Space to allow you to enter it, and do not invade the earth. What kind of love can you talk about if you are invaders? When you plant new plantings of trees, bushes and even flowers, ask for permission from the Space. And anyway, everything you do on your hectare, first tell the Space, why you do it, what is it needed for. You already know how important it is to harmoniously merge with nature. She's alive. And for this to happen - the first energy sent from you should be LOVE. But today you come to a hectare, start planning: here this will be ..., there will be that ..., but the Space has not accepted you, it rejects you. You start digging the earth, but it's alive, just like you. First, explain to the Earth and ask for permission, and then do it. And do not forget about God, because everything is one. The real Space of Love is in you, and everything around you - it strengthens you. And the purity of your thoughts in this plays a major role. After all, only people are self-serving, everything else is selfless. "You brought with you love and understanding, in return you will receive love and acceptance." HAPPY WORLD-information from people who have gone to Eternity ▫▫
May 22 2018 at 11:28 am
Leeza GARDENING: HOW TO CREATE HARMONY Question: Tell us, please, how our ancestors cultivated the land, which of the types of modern agriculture are more suitable? I know that the land was not plowed, but loosened up with a wooden plow, but also I want to know: did they do weeding or somehow they did without it? How to preserve the fertility of the soil? Did you mulch (if yes, then in more detail, please tell us about it)? How did they keep the soil fertile? Did they make or even planted beds? What kind of instrument did you work with (except for thought), did they water or not? My wife and I are cultivating our own garden for the first time, stereotypes forced us to dig a vegetable garden in spring and plow potatoes (we felt sorry for the land, but we did not have enough knowledge to do differently). Now everything is growing, the wife – so good, she has pulled all the weeds, there is not a blade of grass in the garden. But! I feel that it is necessary to do something somehow differently, because there is no harmony in the garden: the land dries up, we have to water every day; pests eat the turnip, and cabbage, and the aphids eat the currants. I know that we ourselves are not harmonious, and we do everything not as planned by the Creator, but I want to know how you did it, our ancestors, so that we would create harmony in our garden based on your experience. -------------------------- Here you are - today's people, and in you there is such knowledge and, mainly, harmful energy – that's what's very bad. Well, I'll tell you. So you have weeded everything there, and everything is fine with you; and the earth is as it should be (since there is no grass, it is not protected) - it dries out faster than usual, and there is no harmony there. And there is no food for the beetles, spiders and flies, except for your plantings, that is, the vegetables, leaflets and roots, and here they eat it. And of course - they need to eat, and there is no other grasses. And your grass is very nutritious for them, because it is malignant for them, and they destroy it, for they see that harmony does not exist here: EVIL HAS COME AND DESTROYED EVERYTHING, their former living space, and planted its own, and does not allow another to live. That is, to weed the grass - this weeding FOR ANYTHING LIVING AND REASONABLE ON THE PLANET APEARS SUCH. And here comes the energy; and on the ground it creeps, you know thirty centimeters deep, it is on the surface itself, as if licks the Earth itself with grasses - and then it thrashes and grows. And the land is not plowed for half a meter or thirty centimeters, but only loosened up, as you put it rightly, from above, maybe for ten centimeters, no more - and it's enough to plant a turn ups, beets, carrots. These seeds are small, and the root – it itself will go into the ground. And the earth - it was fertilized with horse manure or from cows, and this was necessarily done; and the land in that place became lush, very fluffy, and everything grew easily, and the earth breathed. And these grasses, these WEEDS, that you always get rid of - they are not weeds at all, they are helping your plants, too. But after all, you first need to bring the harmony with words, since the energy is not enough. A Rusiches before - they sang. Here is that place where they plant, for example, wheat and rye - they planted together, did not separate; it was later made to make the bread separately white, and separately rye, but initially they planted: either more rye in the wheat, or less rye - and then the bread was more white, and it was beneficial, and it was correct, and this balanced the energy of the bread itself. And the bread - we told a little about it in the books in the past, about the daily bread, what it is, and for the time being I do not want to repeat it, the time has not come. Well, go to your garden and stand in the middle of it with the bare feet, my dear man, together with your girlfriend – with your beloved wife; and together, SING THAT, WHAT YOU DREAM AND WANT TO BE BORN HERE IN YOUR GARDEN. And let your song quietly sound so that the neighbors will not hear, and do not shame you, and do not laugh at you, that "the neighbors are crazy, they sing some rubbish in the garden, what idiots," and so on, for they will make fun of you. And the song – it is a rhythm, do you understand me? And so you will say: "Well, how do we find our rhythm?" - but the rhythm will come from your love for the garden, out of your love and tenderness for the Earth - that's the main rhythm, that is your sincere and true attitude of you personally as people in this case to this part of the earth, as to the living Earth, as to the natural beginning, a gift to Kin (it is the meaning of the word nature in Russian, priroda), that is, this must be understood. And that's when you will sing sincerely and truly, and that, which you dream about, here in your garden: that is, to grow good vegetables and fruit, if there are fruit trees, and that the bread is born (maybe you will plant a meter by meter, and maybe ten by ten), and the bushes grow there: a raspberry bush, a currant along the garden, maybe there is a mountain ash somewhere standing with a bird cherry, and here you make garden beds. But after all the GARDEN BEDS – IT IS NECESSARY TO GO IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CLIMATE. Sometimes the climate is severe or very hot - and then you do not need beds, because they get dried up, and the earth burns out. And there are MARSH LANDS - and there you need beds to prevent water from collecting in the ground, and so that it would collect in these so-called, and then it would go away from the garden and evaporate; and the beds will be warmed by the sun, and everything there will be able to grow all the time, because there will be just as much moisture as necessary. And the weeds; you know, how the Rusiches fought with weeds - they did not fight with them. They, when they sang this song, they did it with the whole family, and the children sang; That's after all, is the "Repka" a Russian fairytale called Turnip) - when the grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, and the dog named Zhuchka, and the mouse came later, they pulled it out together, that is, the garden fed everybody, of course, but they, too, were able to with their own energy to take care of this garden such, that the garden fed everyone. But it does not matter which territory; what kind of family – that's what is important, and what kind of energy this family has. Here I am telling you the deep things, after all this is the knowledge of the pristine origins – that with the song, the rhythm in the song; and the rhythm explained to you what it is: your sincerity and true love, sincere that is, real, genuine. Do not lie, do not be sly with the living Earth - she senses everything and knows if you are lying or are truthful. Namely this is the main rhythm - your true sincerity and true kindness, and not false. Everything is visible, energy can not be changed, and in the world of energies everything is very simple and easy to read, and there it is impossible to hide. That's it, my dear. And so you sang what you wanted, and maybe your song will be one minute, maybe thirty minutes, and that's all right. And maybe you'll want to sing for a week - then sing, and plant a turnip. And so they planted everything; and so you have WEEDS growing there. But you know what the Rusiches did - after all, when they sang, then everything that was needed fit there, and namely it grew; and if something non needed started to grow there - they could pull it out. But you know how - they walk up t it and strictly forbid this grass to grow, and tear it partially together with the root and then throw it down there, and it lies, and its growth stops, it does not grow anymore, because it understands: a person is unhappy, and it understands, that it violated the rhythm of this space, of the garden in this case. That's how it was: a strong energy. Children have similar energy, but they lack intelligence and reason, and they do not know how to possess their energy, and that is why everyone is loosened up, and this is bad. But know that not the children are loose-minded, but their parents have turned into, I would say, what, but I will not, for when one speaks the truth, it sounds like swearing, as if it is a cursing of such - but to you this is a cursing, you do not need the truth, you translate everything such: here this is cursing, then it's not good, but to be such, as you were called - it's good. That's scary - the human part is lost. But if in you it is not lost , then do as I say. And and everything will turn out. And for the first year, maybe, it will turn out poorly. Well, so what - the second will be stronger. And the vegetables themselves you should not take from someone else's garden, but plant your own ones, so that you would have your own seeds too. And turnip will give seeds, and carrots, and beets, and everything gives its seeds, and this must be understood - and this is the strength of your land and your Kin, namely in the seeds. And you yourself are from the seed. And this you need to understand. Such was designed by God. But you always buy new seeds, and therefore your garden overgrows - and will always overgrow, for the struggle of the Earth itself with the foreign energy is happening, that's what it's all about. Therefore, YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN SEEDS. This is to be understood, this is the wisdom of pristine origins. And that is why you are always slipped the seeds from the stores, and they don't allow you to grow your own. Darkness knows what it's doing. Now it too has forgotten, and continues it as a business. And you need to understand this and then tell others. And do it for three years (find, learn how to grow your seeds, and cultivate it) - and then your garden will rejoice, and the Earth will rejoice, and you will rejoice, for ALL ARE FROM ONE SEED – FROM GOD'S. This must be understood initially, completely; and then your garden will reward you with health, happiness and song. The rhythm of cosmic being will return to your home, your land, your kin's space, domain that is. And then all of you will become healthy and will tell others how to do it also. If there be any questions (you can find out the subtleties), ask them later, I will answer you. Uruslan (8,5 thousand years, Knowledge of the Universe) Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:31 am
Leeza The soul, as you know, does not eat solid food, but it still needs nourishment. It needs food - it nourishes on the beauty of the Earth, nature. And in order for this visual food to get into the soul and nourish it - you should have joy in you. But there is no joy, the soul is starving - that's why you are depressed, and this is not a normal process. Uruslan (Knowledge of the Universe) --------- From Soleslov A. Savarsov (Syllable 3) of the series "Knowledge of Pristine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:32 am
Leeza And the TIME, INTERPRETED BY TECHNOGENICITY, WENT TO THE PAST - it has already passed, and a DIFFERENT TIME SETS IN, where the MENTAL POWER of PEOPLE comes to the forefront, and not their bodies - that is, the THOUGH of MAN goes first. And it is indeed so. And until this thought does not begin to truly work, you will be hit by cataclysms, they will destroy everything stupid and meaningless. And these aggressive entities in the form of people who will defend the old world - they are very harmful, but they do it from their stupidity and aggression. And you should create your own, and do not fight with them - and then you will succeed. And if you join the fight, you will lose - that's what they need. Uruslan (Knowledge of the Universe) ------------- From the Patronal Salvation A.Savrasov -Svod 3 series "Knowledge of Pristine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:33 am
Leeza Advice from Anastasia The seed as physician “Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow – what juices it is to take form the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies – the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth. These fruits are designed to sustain Man's life. More powerfully and effectively than any manufactured drugs of the present or future, these fruits are capable of counteracting and withstanding any disease of the human condition. So that during the maturation process it can satiate its fruit with the right correlation of substances to heal a specific individual of his disease, if indeed he has it or is prone to it. “In order for the seed of a cucumber, tomato or any other plant grown in one's plot to have such information, the following steps are necessary: “Before planting, put into your mouth one or more little seeds, hold them in your mouth, under the tongue, for at least nine minutes. “Then place the seed between the palms of your hands and hold it there for about thirty seconds. During this time it is important that you be standing barefoot on the spot of earth where you will later be planting it. “Open your hands, and carefully raise the seed witch you are holding to your mouth. Then blow on it lightly, warming it with your breath, and the wee little seed will know everything that is within you. “Then you need to hold it with your hands open another thirty seconds, presenting the seed to the celestial bodies. And the seed will determine the moment if its wakening. The planets will all help it! And will give the sprouts the light they need to produce fruit especially for you. “After that you may plant the seed in the ground. In no case should you water it right off, so as not to wash away the saliva which is now covering it, along with other information about you that the seed will take in. It can be watered three days after planting. “It is not a good idea to pull up all the weeds growing in the vicinity of the sprouts. At least one of each kind should be left in place. The weeds can be cut back....” According to Anastasia, the seed is thus able to take in information about the person who plants it, and then during the cultivation of its fruit it will pick up from the Universe and the Earth the optimum blend of energies needed for a given Man. The weeds should not be disposed of completely, as they have their own appointed function. Some weeds serve to protect the plant from disease while others give supplemental information. During the cultivation time it is vital to communicate with the plant – at least once during its growth period. And it is desirable to approach it and touch it during a full moon. Anastasia maintains that the fruit cultivated from the seed in this manner, and consumed by the individual who cultivated it , is capable not only of curing him of any diseases of the flesh whatsoever but also of significantly retarding the aging process, rescuing him from harmful habits, tremendously increasing his mental abilities and giving him a sense on inner peace. The fruit will have the most effective influence when consumed no later than three days after harvesting. The above-mentioned steps should be taken with a variety of plan species in the garden-plot. It is not necessary to plant a whole row of cucumbers, tomatoes etc., in this manner; just a few plants each is enough. The fruit of plants grown like this will be distinguished from other plants of the same species not only in taste. If analyzed, it will be seen that they are also distinct in terms of the substances they contain. When planting the seedlings, it is important to soften the dirt in the excavated hole with one's fingers and bare toes and spit into the hole. ...through perspiration from one's feet come substances (toxins, no doubt) containing information about bodily diseases. This information is taken in by the seedlings. They transmit it to the fruit, which will thus be enabled to counteract diseases. Anastasia recommended walking around the plot barefoot from time to time. The important thing is to infuse the little patch of Nature surrounding you with information about yourself. Only then will the healing effect and the life-giving support of your body be significantly higher that from the fruit alone. Out in the natural 'wilds' (as you call them) – and Nature really is not wild, it is just unfamiliar to you - there are a great many plants that can help us cure all – and I mean all - existing diseases. These plants have been designed for that purpose, but Man has lost, or almost lost, the ability to identify them. “The chief physician is your body. Right from the start it was endowed with the ability to know which herb should be used and when. How to eat and breathe. It is capable of warding off disease even before its outward manifestation. And nobody else can replace your body, for this is your personal physician, given individually to you by God, and personal only to you. I am telling you how to provide it with the opportunity to act beneficially on your behalf. “If you make connections with the plants in your garden-plot, they will take care of you and cure you. They will make the right diagnoses all by themselves and prepare the most effective medicine especially designed for you.” Anastasia by Vladimir Megre Book 1 of the Ringing Cedars Series Фото Leeza Mironova.
May 22 2018 at 11:34 am
Leeza IS IT FAR TO THE STARS Is it true that the light from a distant star travels to us for many years? But in fact, in the airless space, the ray of light is not obstructed by anything. How can it travel so long to get to us? Or are our scientists wrong? -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- We all, that is, including you (maybe not all, of course, but some people, some number of them) heard this expression: there is no distance - but what does this mean? Well, that means that the star is near. And here it blinked - well, it blinked, and you saw that it blinked; and if it is shining – then it is lit up, and you see it too. And it is all stupidity that the light travels for some time; it is the thought of man that does not move, but light - it moves. I'll tell you more: it is already near the person, that's what it's all about. And the movement does not happen TOWARDS the person, but, one can say, FROM the person (the other way around). And your scientists are in complete error, and from here they have all sorts of light years and some colossal territories. And then they start to wind these distances in their head, and then they come up with the idea that - like this: well, here's the light - it can not just right away, because it must travel for another million years, and then only you will see that the star winked at you, well, or it gave out a flash (I'm joking about the wink), or it went out, and maybe it did not light, and the next night it seems to be shining again - what is it? It's nothing unusual, everything is in its place, and there are no such spaces when a ray of light moves for several years - this, of course, does not exist and can not be, in principle. And because there is an expression of such: no distances – that is everything is close by, and from this you to needs to proceed. And the distance is only in the stupid heads of your scientists, for they are driven by false testimony and knowledge, and from here they created these distances themselves. And do you know that the soul can move a million kilometers - like "one" (to say simply: "one"), that is, less than a second. And where are your distances? And how should they be understood? Ah, that's what we'll start with, with your mind - that is, there is no knowledge, and the mind comes up with stupid things, that's all. And they are also stuffed with different conventions - that is, they can even be aliens or entities, they can be intelligent, but they are stupid, and they do not know the truth, and they lie in everything. And people then make mistakes, but they live like that. Here on the rockets they fly, and after all they could fly on other devices - could, but do not fly, and why? Why do people become more ignorant all the time? With every year, and decade, and millennium or, maybe, a million years - all dumber and dumber, but why is that? Well, a million – I overstated, let's say, a millennium. Well, Atlantians, could invent anything, they flew to different stars, communicated there with all sorts of entities or aliens, and saw the other world, and Love (energy), invisible supposedly by you, they showed. And why now you can not? So you are all such scientists, and you get higher education - but your stupidity is dumber and dumber, with every year. And that's all, and from here are such silly fabrications. And nothing moves for a long time, but everything is near. And what is not clear - that I can not explain. Uruslan – 8.5 thousand years, knowledge about the universe. Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:35 am
Leeza For Man, incarnated in the body and living on the Earth, there is a bad and a good in that form, in which you understand it, but for the Universe and for the soul such a notion and division does not exist: there exists any information - it is only information and nothing more. IT WAS GOD WHO WAS ABLE TO SEPARATE EVIL FROM GOODNESS AND GAVE EACH ITS OWN DEFINITION. Armal (9200 years old, Knowledge about dreams and about the unconscious manifestation of human existence) Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:36 am
Leeza Today you need to put care of the Earth above your own destiny; do not worry about your own body, for tomorrow this body will simply perish, but take care of the planet Earth itself, and then you and your children will live, because the Earth can be saved, and therefore you yourselves. Now, reading these lines, some of you will laugh, but when the wind blows at a speed of 50-55 meters per second, then I'll look at your laughter. You will fly with your beds, doors and windows, and your cars, like leaves, will fly through the streets of your dirty and smelly cities - that's when someone will laugh, but not you. -------------------------------------------------- ---------- From the book "Oblanin Izi O" by Alexander Savrasov, the series "Knowledge of pristine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:43 am
Leeza It was the planet Earth that was created from the very beginning for Man - that is how the Earth is different from all the other planets. Earth is unique in its capabilities. She is a mother, for she loves and feeds a man, and at the same time she is a child of man, for she is in need of love and care, in the tenderness and warmth of hearts and thoughts, no less than man. And all this can only be given by man. Love towards yourself in an intelligent person is always associated with love for the Earth. Soon you will realize the importance of the Earth in your life and will cherish it as the most precious. Who lives in the city - we advise you to have a plot of land. Grow on it everything that you want, including flowers. When you will part with this space this for the winter, you will want to return back to it in the spring sooner. ----------------- From the book of A. Savrasov "Belovodie - White Veds" series "Knowledge of pritine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:45 am
Leeza HOW TO OVERPOWER EVIL WITHIN YOURSELF? I received the answer and agreed with everything that was said. But how to defeat this great evil in yourself? After all, I realized that evil all my life overcomes my weak attempt to become kind. -------------------------------------------------- -------------- I'll tell you so (you, that is, this girl, a woman or a man, it does not matter, does not matter who, but this person who now lives on Earth and wants to get rid of something, but it is not necessary to get rid of anything): spit on all your bad traits, or on all your so-called shortcomings, well, or any dependence on some forces, from some energies, from someone or something like that, well, in this case, of course, the dark; it's unpleasant for me to hear this, but what to do about it, there is this darkness in a person, so what that it's there; spit on it and do not fight it ever - why should you fight that which you can use in your good endeavors. Here you live on Earth, walk on the Earth, breathe this air, and what it is - you do not know; and you deeply do not care about it, you're an egoist and an evil person. And so I advise you ( you wanted to be kind, well, so I tell you what it's like - to be kind): go ahead and plant an apple orchard, for example, or pear, or plum, or cherry; or plant a spruce tree, at least, somewhere - plant it such and keep it such that it really is preserved, this spruce tree, and it grew, not some kind of blue spruce, but a simple spruce tree, or rather a whole forest, or a cedar grove, or an oak, or a birch one, and so on, and so on, and so on - whatever you want, and in this particular case it is generally possible. And if this is impossible, then do not do anything; and why should you - there is still air, not yet all of it is poisoned. And you are like a wicked creature - you will breathe this air, consume it and give off carbon dioxide all the time, its this disgusting carbon dioxide that will destroy the entire planet. But know: your children will be poisoned by your carbon dioxide; and therefore using all of your evil and all of your hatred, including towards me for my, of course, words, and towards those people who will publish these words for you, spending on you, a spiteful woman, or a girl, or a man (what's the difference) their personal time, their personal energy, their health, after all - they want something good for you, and you... what do you want? So use your energy - any energy - FOR GOOD; well, or for evil, but you asked how to do good, - and that's what I told you. Armal (9.2 thousand years old. Knowledge: the world of dreams) -------------------------------------------------- --------------- From Soleslov of A. Savrasov of the series "Knowledge of Pristine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:47 am
Leeza WHY ARE THE CHILDREN BORN SICK? Why is a little child sick, my relative? -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- The illness of your relative - a small child - is a disease of his parents, your Kin as well. The result of many generations of poor, I would say, work: without understanding, you were harming your Kin. Now it is done everywhere, almost by everyone. Therefore it is natural that children are born sick, with deviations, oncological diseases including. Metabolism is nothing more than the exchange of his parents of the divine life for the demonic one - that's what it means in this case when there is a metabolism malfunction. What is it - you will understand from our books, which we tell Alexander and he writes down; you will understand from what people do: how they plant trees with children, how they begin to understand and hear the Earth, take care of it - this is a divine world. That's all, there's no real complexity. You, of course, and all people consider themselves holy or almost holy, sinless, pure, honest people, for they are so brought up and given such knowledge. I'm not accusing anyone. But in fact, today's people, receiving this knowledge, including moral knowledge, are the killers of their Kin, their children and their own lives - that's what your school, your knowledge, your aspirations do. In reality,, your aspirations: you do not like the Earth and do not understand what it is like to love the Earth; you do not love your children and do not understand what it means to love your children; you do not want to inhale clean air and so on. You want to earn more money, get a profession, do business, deceive people (business – it is fraud and theft, and there is nothing else there). So I described in a rough, harsh, but very specific form, why sick children are born. Believe me, it's painful for me, Artazak, to look at living people today - I mean not only your generation, but also earlier, and in the future. Why did we stay in the dolmens? We want to change everything, to bring God back to your hearts. Help us and with this you will help yourself and, of course, your future children, and children in general, that is, new generations, descendants. With this answer I want to offer a conclusion to all people; in it is my answer for everyone - sick and healthy. IF YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY - BE HEALTHY IN EVERYTHING. The morality in you – is not worth a dime, in everyone; liars; do not love your neighbors – everyone does not; do not love Mother Earth, clean water; trashing everything at every step, dreaming of asphalt, and you call the Earth dirt; chemistry is all around, nitrates, nitrites, ecology is disturbed by you, the people. Do not shift your actions on other people - it's you who created it, society, all the people. Here are your thoughts and your aspirations have manifested in your children, in this case sick ones. If there would be other aspirations (divine) - healthy children would appear and very happy. But the ill manifests, that is, your thoughts are sick, and you yourselves are the destroyers. Artazak (9.5 thousand years old, Knowledge about Man and his abilities) -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- A. Savrasov series "Knowledge of Pristine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:54 am
Leeza WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES EXISTED BACK THEN? Question: In what materials did they dress in summer and winter, did they use leather? What materials were the shoes made of and what did they use in the winter? ---------------------- Let me tell you and answer the question simply, openly and easy to understand, how we dressed (after all, we did not walk around nude). Here Alexander saw Arkaz - he asked him, Arkaz, his friend, so that he appeared himself in the flesh, so that Alexander could see him, and he closed Aleksandr's eyes and appeared before him - and he saw him in clothes. Yes, in the clothes stood Arkaz in front of Alexander and smiled. And Arkaz's beard was not long, it was just down to the navel, his beard, and his hair was not long - it barely touched his shoulders and did not grow any further (after all, man dictates how much his hair grows, and that's so, you deprived yourselves of such opportunities). And what kind of clothes was on Arkaz? From flax it was and also from other, of course, herbs. From the nettles, you say, you know how to make fabrics - and we knew how, from different herbs: wormwood, nettle, drake, sorpon, turtone, abon and abolon (such flowers are not growing right now). We took it all, soaked it in milk - milk, of course, not of animals, but of plants. Here is a cedar, you know that it is possible to make such a milk (a drink), but one still needs to know how to make it. Soaked it on the basis of, of course, simple water, and juice there were added various binders (trees, roots). And it all got wet, then let it hand. This kind of grass could make such gluing between itself, that it then could not be broken. And that's why it was smoothed on large and even areas (for example, on stones) with wooden, round blocks, and this cloth was hung up, like your clothes today hang on ropes (we could weave ropes, they were strong). It hung and flowed around; a week, maybe, it hung – depending on the weather. And we could not make such a fabric all the time, but only in a certain month, when all living things have the greatest strength and juice in themselves. Such a material was not used by people very much, for it possessed colossal energy and could even interfere with a person. On the head we could wear such a cap that a person could not be seen, when he creates a song with a certain energy - that's an invisible hat. He could move into another dimension - that's what we could do. And the usual, linen material - of course, we knew how to make. You are thinking, because you are told so in school, all the time dictating such stupidity that before, they say, people were insane, they were chasing mammoths all the time with stone hammers or spears (and they themselves do not know with what). And so they will drive him into a pit (and how this pit was dug out – by hand, probably). And he will fall there, poor mammoth, and they slaughter him for two months with stones, and still they can not kill him. And then they eat this putrid meat, with sand, mud, teeth creaking, and they gnaw. Then this skin they will tear off - their wives they dressed in it, their brides. An you live in such debauchery of the mind, and mental insanity, and the hungry fainting of your brains, that's awful. We were able to make fabrics, they were strong, and any color could give to them. Today you do not have dyes like we had. But we painted the clothes only in some cases. And so, what was it like? And it was snow-white or grayish-yellowish color - and we wore it. Here is a fabric, and there are threads, and they are strong, and with them we could connect pieces of this fabric. But also the clothes were sewn so that there were no seams, and you can not understand this today, no mathematician will figure out how this can be done - and we easily did. And I will say more about metals. We did not do this, people did it later. But we also knew these secrets, and we could make metal, but for other needs. And know that - yes, we did it. But how to mine ore: it's one thing to crash into the earth, and to smash everything there, and destroy the Earth, and another thing is when it's done with love. The earth will not get malnourished if you take a little and explain why and how. The Earth loves us, and loves you, and everything is allowed, but to be able to preserve harmony – in this is wisdom. You do not have any harmony already, but we kept it and for you we preserved it (and will teach you). Here I told you what we wore. And we could use animal skin, but in rare cases. We did not kill animals, but we knew their cemeteries, and after death, when the skin remained itself and separated from the animal with the help of bugs, spiders and worms, we could take it and clean it, and make it harmless. But we did it in the form of experiments. And otherwise - we used our own, we did not interfere into the foreign world (into the world of animals), it helps us, and does not interfere, which means that we have everything that is ours, and they have their own, and we only complemented each other, and not killed. So do not worry for us, our technology was much more profitable and not at all harmful. So metal. Later on - you have kept these secrets in the Urals, and there are metal products (we already talked about this), where the technology of creating a piece of metal is such that today your scientists they break their heads, but they can not understand how this was done. That's all, that's who you are and who we are. And you will still mock us and do not trust us - it's all from the paucity of your mind, from false thoughts. Perhaps it is time to stop acting this way. The dolmens are standing ten thousand years, or even more, and each stone is fitted so that today, you with your technology, still need to work hard to make the stones so, and without a single cementing device, they stood so that for thousands of years they did not fall apart - and you could never do that. That's all, that's what you need to think about: who are you. And we could cloth ourselves, and make shoes, and feed ourselves. And nearly every day we flew into space on our own affairs, any and every one - and that was ten thousand years ago (and even five thousand years ago). And now you are building a stoke-house, as you say, there is a lot of fire, smoke; all these evaporations, the exhausts are horrible, which destroy both the Earth and the Universe - and this rusty apparatus, smoking and burning, breaks away from the Earth and wants to overcome the earth's gravity, and how hard it is for it, how stupid it is - think about it. And we easily overcame any gravity and could be on any planet, on any Star. Planet and Star (do not separate this) - all these are living beings of the Cosmos, a conscious world, and you need to understand this. Winter clothes, for winter. Here are the Rusiches. Why should you take an example from us? I could walk in summer and winter in the same clothes - my body took such an energetic position when it was comfortable in any climatic conditions. It is winter, and it is minus twenty (it never got higher and rarely minus twenty). But even if it is 40 , and 50, and even 70 – and only in light clothes, I'll go barefooted, and I do not need valenki. I'll go a thousand miles, I will not freeze. I'll sleep in two days, and I'll sleep for four, six, seven hours (with interruptions), and I will not freeze. And I can eat once in six days, cedar nuts or what I stored from summer (dry mushrooms, other nuts, dried fruits and vegetables). Like this. My food was not abundant in terms of quantity, but energetic. Like turnip, grown by myself and for myself, was a clot of Cosmic energies, a small piece of which allowed me to live a day, maybe two. And if I eat two or three pieces, and combine it with other fruits, vegetables, nuts, I drink a special drink - I do not feel hunger for a week, it's not there. And the body is full of youth and strength, my spirit is breathing courage. That is how we were. You today can not even imagine such a thing, for you eat the poison of disease, hence you get sick. That is how I'll tell you. Footwear. Let's go back and come closer to your times. In Rus', they wore shoes, make felt boots (valenki) from animal wool; and sweaters, greatcoats if soldiers - it's all felt, that is, felted fabric, fastened in a special way and sewn later. And you can make it thicker or thinner, softer or coarser. That's how the Rusiches walked, and it was warm in winter in any frost. Their clothes were light, simple in manufacture, sound and very energy-intensive, that is, it could preserve human heat under any conditions. Today, this kind of material is not being made (they do not know how), but felt boots are still are being made at home. And they can be soft, long-nosed and useful for the body, the human body, and it really is so. You, of course, hint, and your questions are with a dirty trick and with cunning. For, behold, now we sew on machine tools with leather or with leather substitute and insert the fur into it. And how did they walk on cold and rough stones with their bare feet? Probably their foot they cut on stones and on sharp sticks, and their legs and hands were freezing. And they all froze there, and they were sitting in holes somewhere, and they were shaking from the cold. And I told you how the Rusiches could make any kind of footwear. And I could do ordinary pads of oak and walk in them without woolen socks, without foot-cloths - and I will be warm. And I could wrap my feet with cloth, if I needed it. But for us it was not the main thing - how to hide your body, but the main thing was, how to keep in your body those abilities that were present at birth. Today you have the opposite: a thought was sent to preserve and save the body, and not to stop this body from being afraid of cold or heat, so that your legs would become strong and not afraid of cold, sticks, or sharp stones. And that's all. And we went thousands of kilometers, sometimes, and used wood as an amplifier and a fuse for our soles on our feet. And even that not everywhere. And sometimes, walking barefoot on Mother Earth - and it's good for the legs, and it's easy. And all this from the energies of man and his thoughts. Today you do not believe this - and that's alright, then. We did not have any diseases, we did not know them, everyone always was healthy - that's what you start with, and not with what kind of shoes. In general, ask yourself why you need shoes and what does it mean when there are no shoes - that's what you need to think about, and not about what we were wearing. But you do not allow the thought, that no shoes was worn. Caring for the body - is the destruction of the soul. All together needs to be taken care of - then it is harmony. Uradon (8.5 thousand years old, Knowledge: how to turn stone into clay, sand into stone, and stone into sand). Books of A. Savrasov “Knowledge of Pristine Origins” Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 26 2018 at 12:48 pm
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