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We are looking for new members for our ecovillage in France

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The ecovillage Sainte Camelle is located in France, in a hamlet within the municipality of Saint-Victor-Rouzaud in the Ariege department (09), an hour South of Toulouse, and 5 kms from Pamiers and its train station.

Built on 18 hectares, including 10 has of forest, it can accommodate up to 20 people.

We have been living there together for 5 years to experience happiness and local relationships of the small villages from the past. Mutual caring and activities sharing are important for us.

This collective, in which every person has its private flat and develops its own activity, is an intergenerational place.

This collective life is a modest response to one of the issues of our society, overwhelmed by individualism.

We are developing environmental ecology as well as inner, relational, social and humanitarian ecology.

Consciousness, personal development, happiness, joie de vivre, altruism, solidarity, commitment, respect, freedom, autonomy, life without addiction, and the desire to pass on people through testimony, awareness or training are at the heart of our lives.

There are still some free apartments in Sainte Camelle and you can email us at or call at +33(0)688967446.

See our Website :
  • July 10 2016 at 05:50 pm

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