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Spring on a New Homestead

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Spring in a new Homestead is a lot of work. New garden beds are going in and just the plain picking up of sticks in the yard and woods is a gigantic job since this house and property have not been lived in/on in about five years. The Big Guy is working overtime to contribute to our plan of being debt free so most of the things that get done are done by me, I save big heavy jobs for the moments he can step in and lend a hand.
I am trying straw bale gardening for my vegetables this year. Our soil has a high clay content (yes, I thought that was a good thing when I was thinking of cob walls in a house) so must be amended considerably to garden in.
Everyday I think this would be an easier job if there were a few more people stepping in and investing in a natural sustainable future we can accomplish here. It takes a Village!
If you are interested in visiting and talking Eco village and community plans send us a note.
-Kirsten Mia

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