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My Ideal Community: first draft

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My Concept:

Live close to the Earth and in accordance with the natural providence and balance of the Earth. Celebrate nature. Embrace diversity. Thrive through hard work, creative pursuits, respect for others, kindness, compassion, love, fun, and relaxation. Live minimally. Live intentionally. Live sustainably. Help one another. Contribute to the community. Be connected. Pursue amazing relationships – with others and with yourself . Reject beaurocracy,capitalism, materialism, egotism, intolerance.

People weren’t meant to live in isolation, nor to congregate in giant communities, being anonymous and unaccountable.
People weren’t meant to grow and hoard more food than what is needed to sustain the small community.
People weren’t meant to consume food that came from thousands of miles away from a different climate (or processed, preserved “food” that never perishes).
The Earth wan’t designed to support this way of living; therefore, we weren’t designed to be doing it. It is out of balance.

Our ancestors survived without modern technology. We can too!
Our ancestors survived without polluting or destroying the balance of nature. We can too!
Or ancestors survived entirely off of what nature provides. We can too!
The animals still survive today in all these ways. We can too.

My ideal community:

Small Village-type setting with individually homesteads built of natural earth-based materials (i.e. log cabin, cob house)

Off the grid, independent, and sustainable

Independent of money, except to pay the property tax (after all, we do still live in a free country with laws, and thus we enjoy its protection even as we indulge in our freedom to live the way we like)

Community firepit for circles, meals, gatherings, storytelling, music, festivals, dancing, etc.
Gather and hunt for food when possible (always within balance)
Community and/or individual gardens for growing food
Community and/or individual livestock for providing food, clothing, materials

Strive for natural, sustainable, simple living practices that generate little or no waste (aka “green minimalism”)
Community interdependance: we all support and sustain one another through the sharing of materials, ideas, emotions.
Generate the materials we need (for clothing, food, shelter) from within the community, from nature’s supplies..
Avoid synthetic, industrialized, commercialized, manufactured, non-renewable, or disposable materials.

Everyone pitches in. Everyone contributes something. Everyone is valued. Everyone is important.
Ideally, would like to have members skilled in or learning:
- hunting
- fishing
- gardening
- constructing/building from natural materials
- sewing/tailoring
- tanning
- primitive food preservation methods
- water collection and purification methods
- woodworking
- flintknapping
- primitive crafting
- natural/herbal healing/medicine
- psychological/spiritual leadership
- legal/business matters
  • September 12 2014 at 08:15 am
peterclarke Write a comment...
February 20 2015 at 10:04 am
peterclarke sounds good
February 20 2015 at 10:04 am

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