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A Spiritual Community — The Second Home of Lifechanyuan in Yunnan, China Seeks...

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A Spiritual Community — The Second Home of Lifechanyuan in Yunnan, China Seeks Urgent International Help!

Nov 9, 2013

Our community is facing a calamity, and the government is trying to dismiss all members in the community.

Six months ago, the 3rd branch of the community located at Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province, China was encountering the cut off of power, telephone, and network cales, the road leading to the community was also dug. Recently, 20 local villagers came to the 3rd branch under the command of our government, they pulled down our gate, and cancelled the lease contract by force. They also required that 36 members who lives in the 3rd branch leave the place. And they sent officers from local Police Station, Public Security Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, National Land Resources Bureau, City Building Bureau, and Forest Security Bureau to carry out their plan. Today, they even sent a bus intending to take people away.

Community members of the 3rd branch are going to be dismissed, after that, it is very possible that the government plans to do the same to the other two branches.

In the last four and a half years, we have never done anything illegal. Last year, 350 police officers sent by Public Security Bureau a few times did a thorough investigation towards this community branch, and confirmed that we did not do anything illegal and had any criminal records. Besides, we never have hurt mother nature, Chinese society and any person, and we never are against Chinese government and Communist Party of China. We make everything happened in the community quite transparent and publish almost everything on internet. Friends from France, India, America, Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, England, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Canada and some other countries had come visited us and they can all prove that New Oasis for Life is a very civilized community.

We do not know yet whether the action was the decision of central or local government.

I ask for urgent moral support from international communities/ecovillages, other international organizations, and individuals, please do whatever you can to save our community, the earlier the better. Please!

Founder of New Oasis for Life

The Full Story of the 3rd Branch Event

June 13, 2012 Public Security Bureau from Chuxiong city conducted an sudden investigation towards the 3rd branch without notice. They came and said that someone reported that there were illegal activities there.

Every two policemen did interview for one member, and asked many questions such as the community founder’s name, member’s home address, ID No., how the community finances itself, and the level of freedom of community members, our spiritual values, and how children are educated, etc. They also checked every one’s room and the data in the personal computer. There were three video cameras filmed the details of this investigation by those police officers.

June 15, 2012 Public Security Bureau informed the community founder, Xuefeng, that the investigation was a legal process, please understand and all members of the 3rd branch were free. They also asked for our future support if such things happen again.

Mar 6, 2013 We were notified by local Village Committee that the government was going to take back the land that the 3rd branch occupied because villagers did not have enough land to live. But no formal written notice was presented.

Xuefeng, the founder, then wrote to the committee expressing that as long as everything would be done following the legal process, we were ready to support the decision of government.

Mar-April, 2013 There were a few negotiations between the community and village representative, but no agreement was met: we bought the property at the price of 540,000RMB. According to the contract terms, if any party breaks the contract, the other party will get a compensation of 10 times of the contract value, plus the investment we put on renovation and new buildings, we asked for a compensation of 5,000,000RMB. However, village representatives did not agree, and also said we can take new buildings and roads with us.

Apr 25, 2013 The road leading to the 3rd branch was cut, and power and network cables were cut off.

May 17, 2013 The wall of gate was pull down

Note: During the last six months, we have reported the above incident to local police station, they came and investigate the case, but did not give us any feedback and get the problem solved.

Nov 05, 2013 Many people who claimed themselves the representatives from the Village Committee and a few government bureaus without showing their ID came to the 3rd branch and called Xuefeng, asking him come to Chuxiong city immediately to have a meeting.

On the same day, they informed us that our important guest Michiyo, the president of GEN Asia and Oceania should not visit the 3rd branch.

Nov 06-07, 2013 Xuefeng had meeting with local village representatives, who claimed that the lease contract signed between us and our landlord was invalid, so they wanted to take the land back. (No photo and video taking was allowed during the meeting). After the meeting, they disassembled the gate of the 3rd branch and took it away.

Nov 08, 2013 In order to avoid the potential hurt to community members, we decided to give up the property of the 3rd branch. And agreed that we will move out before Nov 23. Government and village representatives then claimed the lease contract was cancelled immediately, and also we would not be given any compensation. They also required all members should go home.

Nov 09, 2013 A bus was sent to the 3rd branch by police, and they contacted the family of community members, and told them that Xuefeng is a big cheater, so the family should take members back home immediately. They also told people that they were coming to save them.

In the evening, Xuefeng lost contact with the manager and all members in the 3rd branch.

On the same day, Lifechanyuan decided that we will apply non-violent noncooperation when facing representatives from any government departments.

  • November 16 2013 at 08:55 am

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