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Like the piano, power bank I believe many people have. Not only because it can...

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Like the piano, power bank I believe many people have. Not only because it can play the wonderful music, but also because it's elegant, it's fine. However, for most people, the piano can only think about it, not everyone can have. Today, I like to introduce a Piano Style Portable Power - Scud Smart Series, which is known as mobile power in the "piano prince" of the title.

Scud Smart Mobile Power to the piano as the prototype, will melt into the power supply design style keyboard design, the use of appropriately black and white lines, from afar really a little piano Fan children.

Smart Touch Scud mobile power body, fingertips upload bursts of coolness. The Smart Power spraying a thick layer of the outer surface of the piano paint, in our hands, delicate lubrication, texture is very good. However, because power is a dangerous goods, in order to prevent users from accidentally slipping due to an explosion, this power does a similar positive effect striae process, greatly enhancing the friction; while its housing base the selection of PC and ABS combination of fabric, this material has a high melting point, flame retardant, easy to deform, so that it can better serve the power itself escort.

Scud Smart mobile power storage according to their own conditions, the current output in three different programs, which allow 5V/2A output mobile power adapter SPB-SE426 can charge your tablet. While allowing only 1-1.5 A's other two mobile power output, which in addition to tablet computers, basically able to other small digital products charge.

It is worth mentioning that the Smart series of USB output interface, as a result of a rigorous analysis of the compatibility of their charge range of 99.9% to cover the market of digital products. Therefore, accessories, Scud Smart mobile power only comes with a USB charging cable, users can use digital products charging cable that comes with direct charging, provincial restrung trouble!

As Scud Smart Capacity mobile power Mobile Power with three different sizes of power bank, therefore, whether it is music of people, microblogging control, the business elite, or outdoor enthusiasts, Scud Smart thought that we can present a strong visual feast!
  • August 19 2013 at 11:12 pm

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