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Moving House Again

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The owner of the house I have lived in for just over a year, has decided to change agents, who want the house vacant before they start managing it...a fire sale I expect.

Being a renter, this is the third time in as many years that the house I have lived in has sold. The stress of looking, going through the application, getting scrutinised.

Anyway the next place has been approved and sure enough we'll have to move again in another year or so (the owners of this one are overseas).

Hopefully I'll have so kind of permanent access to land in some kind of community set up by then.

A quote from "A Pattern Language" (Alexander, Oxford Press):
"People cannot be genuinely comfortable and healthy in a house which is not theirs. All forms of against the natural processes which allow people to form stable, self healing communities."

It's from chapter 79 - Your Own Home, discussing how speculation and profit motivation of the landlords, treating the property as commodity are 'unhealthy and destructive', when as a renter people cannot change the home to suit their own need.

I'm all to well aware that the people that live within these properties are also seen as a commodity, known as a 'tenant'.

It's winer here now, the garden is small, I'll probably dig some things up and take them with me....Looking forward to working on something that will be more permanent than me.
  • June 17 2013 at 05:29 am
bimby I can relate to this completly. I wish I had my own block of land to cultivate and make my own. Why do we have to be born into this game?
November 7 2013 at 03:58 am

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