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Laundry Soap Recipe

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Who can afford $6 to $16 per gallon for laundry soap? Here is a "green" alternative.

1/3 bar of soap; fels naptha or zote, grated or just cut up into small pieces
1/2 cup washing soda powder (comes in a box at the grocery store for about $5)
1/2 cup borax powder (Also comes in a box from the grocery store for about $5)
2 gallon bucket

In a large saucepan, on medium heat; put 6 cups of water and the soap pieces, stir until melted.
Add the 1/2 cup washing soda and 1/2 cup borax, stir until dissolved.
Add 4 cups of hot tap water to the bucket, add the soap mixture from the saucepan and stir, add 6 more cups of hot tap water to the bucket and stir, add 1 more gallon of hot tap water and stir. (my bucket has a 2-gallon line so I don't measure, I just add water to the line)
Let bucket of laundry soap sit overnight. The mixture will become thick and a bit solid, break it up with a whisk, your hands or push it through a fine srtainer. Put the lanndry detergent in your favorite storage container/s.

Use 1/2 cup per load of laundry. This laundry soap has no scent and cleans very well!! I am also in the process of working out a fabric softener recipe. I am putting a 1/2 cup of white vinager in the rinse water to soften it now. The vinager scent goes away but the softening properties stay.
Scent can be added tot he laundry detergent by adding 1 ounce of essential oil or scent oil. Citrus scents work well.
  • April 9 2013 at 11:01 am

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