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The Story in pictures:!/ApuseniiVerzi?sk=photos

Dear Friends, ( Please forward to your ECO friends)

Now has come the moment to effectively manifest on the physical plane the community which has been clearly defined; right now we need at this very moment the effort of everyone. We are waiting from each to let us know in clear and without hesitation in which way and how you desire to contribute in helping the creation and manifestation of the Community of Apusenii Verzi…

.It’s been a while since we practically set the foundation of our community and, as many things happened, we would like to share with you these experiences, as well as to launch an invitation to join us for each soul who shares and embraces “Apusenii Verzii” vision. You may find here various insights and experiences we have encountered so far.

Let’s start with “Apusenii Verzii” Vision.

We would like to establish a community of people who live in a sustainable way - in harmony with our planet - and cherish love with God and the other people. We already notice how people from different parts of the world, people of different religions and spiritual beliefs, have been looking for us. Together we would like to create a better world, in which each soul is appreciated and listened to, being governed by harmony in diversity. We can see how peace, harmony and joy will be our guides.

In order to be able to implement this project, we choose starting with an ecological village establishment, which we want to integrate within the world we live in. However, besides this, we also pursue the spiritual path – the unique way to enhance the joy of living. We aim for a community where love for the others, for ourselves and nature becomes the essence of a full life we dream of.

You may find below possible ways of contribution:

a) Volunteering – come to our place and help building the eco houses or other adjacent activities
b) Financially - Buy a share, Become a "friend of Apusenii Verzi", interest free loans, As a voluntary organization, donations play an important role in supporting the project's wider mission. Thus any contribution is appreciated when you can and wish to make a wise investment.
c) Material aid: materials and tools, construction material, computer, furniture, pomp, solar panel, wind turbine, battery , baby trees, seed non genetic modified, food, cereal, know-how ( professional services like topography, geology, architecture, web designer, therapy, media, cook, etc…)

We appreciate any contribution and we keep record of all. We will regularly communicate our progress, showing how your contribution was utilized.

Please complete and submit this information via Facebook

5.Details of skills/support

Join us, come to turn « Apusenii Verzi » vision into reality!

With respect and admiration,

Apusenii Verzi

Mob(Ro):+40 752 072 662
+40 754 975 175
  • November 14 2011 at 04:29 am
Leeza DOLMEN APPEAL-REQUEST We appeal to people who began to "open their eyes" and saw the horror of their situation. You take a hectare of land and create your own Space of Love. But you begin building your Space of Love with a building. For today to build a house, you need to think about money, where to get them, where to buy building materials, and cheaply, how to bring everything there, where to find people, to build, and pay less for it... And it turns out that the first thought with which you begin to create your Space of Love, just think about these words - SPACE OF LOVE - try to really understand, fully penetrate all the depth and significance of your creation, not only for you, but for all your Kin, for your children, grandchildren, and so on. But it turns out that your first thought is self-serving. We very well see the energy of your thoughts. You are doing yourself irreparable harm, without understanding it yourself. But your ignorance does not change anything. Your first thought should be selfless, however good it may be. Do not start creating your Love of Space with the construction of houses. And start with your Love, giving it to the Earth to the fullest! Spend a year on this, just live there and tell your space about yourself. Tell it everything about your parents, about grandparents, about all your close relatives. Ask the Space to allow you to enter it, and do not invade the earth. What kind of love can you talk about if you are invaders? When you plant new plantings of trees, bushes and even flowers, ask for permission from the Space. And anyway, everything you do on your hectare, first tell the Space, why you do it, what is it needed for. You already know how important it is to harmoniously merge with nature. She's alive. And for this to happen - the first energy sent from you should be LOVE. But today you come to a hectare, start planning: here this will be ..., there will be that ..., but the Space has not accepted you, it rejects you. You start digging the earth, but it's alive, just like you. First, explain to the Earth and ask for permission, and then do it. And do not forget about God, because everything is one. The real Space of Love is in you, and everything around you - it strengthens you. And the purity of your thoughts in this plays a major role. After all, only people are self-serving, everything else is selfless. "You brought with you love and understanding, in return you will receive love and acceptance." HAPPY WORLD-information from people who have gone to Eternity ▫▫▫ From the book by A. Savrasov "Knowledge stored by dolmens." A series of books "Knowledge of Pristine Origins" Translation by Leeza Mironova
May 22 2018 at 11:18 am

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