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Applying Sustainability principles in day to day life - where you live now.

For those that don’t want to move to an eco-village setting, or for those that this is a long way in the future, most of the principles discussed in the site can be applied to your present living situation.

From the simple small scale:

  1. *plant a fruit tree somewhere nearby

  2. *grow a small herb garden in a box on your widow sill.

  3. *Join or from a local community garden

  4. *Free-Cycle

Larger scale:

  1. *apply some of the eco building principles when retro fitting your home.

  2. *apply some eco-building principles when renovating or extending.

  3. *turn your back yard into a food forest.

  4. * changed their Wollongong (NSW, Australia) suburban backyard into a food forest, which includes over 50 different species of fruit trees and an abundance of shrubs, herbs and edible ground covers.

Back Yard before food forest was planted
Vibrant Suburban Food Forest Backyard 18 Months after Planting

In The Beginning - Aug 2007: The original backyard waiting to be transformed into a vibrant food forest

Mar 09 - Backyard Food Forest: 18 Months after the initial planting