Sustainable Eco Villages

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ryssbowh, Glasgow, , United Kingdom
Idade: 33
Lugar: Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
Tipo de Relação: Hablo en serio acerca de mudarme a una Eco Aldea
Ultima Atividade: 03-11-18

I'm Boris, looking for a eco village, or creating one :)
Sobre mim

I'm from France, I've been travelling for many years and recently stopped and settled in Scotland. I have no interest in living the life we're all suppose to live, I'm looking for a life closer to nature, sustainable, self sufficient, where I'm not destroying anything by the fact of living but in the opposite, creating something.

The direction our civilisation is going towards is hopeless, I don't see any positive outcome that could come from our governing instances, this is just not working and it will crumble, actually I think it already is crumbling. I feel I have to get out of it and try and live differently, for myself of course but also for the future generations which will be faced with challenges of a difficulty probably never heard of.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

To me it's a vision shared with a couple of people, 10-50 I don't know, where everybody is different but where acceptance of the others is the base of everything. Some basic values have to be shared by all : care of nature and of its living creatures, being sustainable in food, as self sufficient as possible, being responsible for your actions and aknowledge the fact that there is a spiritual side of life and that efforts needs to be made to discover it.

Nothing is set in my mind, I guess I just have ideas at the moment and actually have no idea what it is to live in such a place. I see myself moving in an eco village slowly, getting more and more free of the "usual" way of living as I become more and more self sufficient.

So I'm looking for people with same ideas, I'm new-ish to this city and not sure where to start !

Sobre ryssbowh
Nível de Interesse nas Vilas Ecológicas: Alto
Período de tempo em que você gostaria de se mudar para uma vila ecológica: Futuro Próximo - 6 meses a 2 anos
Eu mudaria para uma vila ecológica: Gradualmente enquanto meu jardim cresce
Meu tipo de vila preferido: Not Sure
Preferred Size of Village: Small Community - less than 20 lots
O grupo a que pertenço é: Apenas eu
Village Details
Estágio de desenvolvimento: Almejando Juntar Pessoas
Procurando por novas pessoas?: Não disponível
Centro de educação?: Não disponível
Centro Comunitário?: Não disponível
Férias ou Espaço para retiro?: Não disponível
Oferecendo tours nas Vilas Ecológicas?: Não disponível
Oferece Cura Holística?: Não disponível

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