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oslahm, Durham, , United Kingdom
Idade: 38
Lugar: Durham, Durham, United Kingdom
Tipo de Relação: Hablo en serio acerca de mudarme a una Eco Aldea
Ultima Atividade: 07-08-19

reliable hardworking gardener and herbalist looking for a place to live and work in
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I'm hoping that there is somewhere out there, looking for someone who is serious about living a sustainable life; growing vegetables and running a community herb garden! I have been living and working in various communties over the past 5 years and am looking for something more long term, with a vibrant community but somewhere where I could also have my pwn space.

I'm 37, speak various languages (French, German and a bit of Spanish), lived in Berlin in a 12 person houseshare community for about 6 years and have lived in shared houses most of my adult life. I'm very familiar with consensus decision making and a healthy social interactions I believe form the basis of any successful community. I've been on a foundation NVC course, as well as an NVC practice course and I'm keen to work on my NVC skills.

I'm a TEFL teacher, gardener and budding herbalist (in the middle of my education as a herbalist) and have some skills in house building and carpentry too.

I'm also a musician/ songwriter, playing guitar, and ukulele and used to be in a band in Berlin. I also have some theatre skills. I'd like to be in a community with like minded creatives too if possible, as my creative side is really important to me! 

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

I would like a place in the woods, quiet enough but with access to transport/ town links. I imagine there to be a community of 10-12 people ideally (max 20 for me I think), where there would be creative and educative enterprises happening, but also sustainable living, with sustainable houses built. 

I would like some regular communual/ social aspects: a communal meal perhaps 1-3 times a week; regular musical gatherings and sitting round campfires. I would also appreciate some regular meetings (once a month) though perhaps more would be necessary in the early stages.... 

However it would also really be important to me to have my own space, where I could close the door if necessary.


Sobre oslahm
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