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DianaLucky, San Diego, , United States
Age: 37
Location: San Diego, California, United States
User Type: I am an Eco Village
Last Activity: 14-10-17

Looking for amazing people
About Me

I'm Diana, an artist, sculptor and thinker. 

I want to share my life with caring, loving, visionaries who are willing to be the world the are looking for.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

My goal is to chip in together and build a beautiful artsy lodge somewhere in Mexico (or possibly another country).

The goal is to create income from the mutual venture to allow freedom and independence, while living the dream lifestyle.


The lodge would attract visitors looking for art, sustainability and of course beautiful nature. There would be publicly displayed sculptures and surreal installations to excite even the most picky art lovers. And the rental space would overlook jungles, beaches and have natural pools of water.


The village itself would be more like separate living spaces with everyone growing their own vegetables (on a rooftop in containers or vertical garden, for example) and sharing a fish pond, fruit garden and of course communal space where we would get together to eat, play music, dance, swim, do yoga, read and create art.

My husband is an engineer and we would be happy to provide guidance and share solar and wind turbine installations. 

I do not believe in any kind of organized religions and want to stress the importance of personal freedom, space and choices. I would never insist on anyone changing their dietary or other rituals. For as long as everyone acted with care, love towards each other and gave more rather than took, I think we would be OK:).


Of course the important part is going to be finding the right land and actually building the space. I'm considering tropical environments for their abundance of beauty, fruitful lands and the number of countries where it's actually relatively easy to own land, build off grid lodge without the fear of government intervention. Mexico is one of the few counties where you can own land and it's close to US, has outstanding land prices and some of the most incredible land buying opportunities. The laws are favorable and building codes are not as strict as in US, for example.

We have lived in Mexico for almost 2 years and can vouch for this county's safety (in recent years), friendly culture and delicious food. It's also easy to get to United States for any medical needs and Amazon delivery PO box;).

Other countries we are looking at include Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador. Brazil is a bit more complicated and unfortunately Indonesia is off limits as far as ease of doing business.

We believe if we gathered around 250-500k we could buy a very large piece of land and build a decent space in Mexico which would bring decent income. It's not that much money if we had over 10 people chipping in and the cost of life in Mexico is very cheap. Other than food you would just need money for clothing, travel and miscellaneous spending, which a lodge income should be able to provide.

While I am realistic on how much money a new hotel could bring, the work involved and time it takes for eveything to be finished.. Please keep in mind the actual quality of life you would have. No bills to pay, your own organic meals, endless natural beauty and a family of close friends to share your vision with.. Not to mention the healthy environment for your kids.

If you have talents such as Yoga, holistic healing, or anything else that you could offer our visitors or know how to earn money online to supplement that income you could live an amazing life full of travel, happiness and and awesome new family. But even with just a lodge income you could live a stress free minimalistic lifestyle.

We are personally interested in traveling most of the time, so our home will likely be a custom made RV. We want to raise a family of world traveling kids.

We have made drawings for 545ft expanding living space that could be equipped with solar, wind and other conveniences. We are happy to share them with you so you could also travel with ease and comfort. You don't have to live that way though. Anyone is free to build whatever they want and live however they prefer.


Buying land in Mexico under common trust with equal ownership should be quite easy and fast. The building will depend on how skilled and willing everyone is.

We are:) That's why we want to do it. If you are not but are willing to follow direction and work on our project, the building shouldn't take long. The lodge will have as many rental rooms as there will be people in our community and your personal space will be your own to build according to your budget. If you choose to take advantage of the house on wheels design we offer, expect to spend around 3-6 months building it and 30-50k on materials (steel frame similar to shipping container).

Your garden, fish pond and orchad will obviously also take time to grow, but we will help you with it.

I hope you find some inspiration in my words and if they resonate with you please reach out and let's start dreaming together:)

Information about DianaLucky
Interest Level In Eco Villages: Very High
Time frames that you would like to move into an eco village: Near Future - 6 months to 2 years
I would move into an eco village: Quickly - In one go
My preferred village type: Village with housing close to village centre
Preferred Size of Village: Small village: 20 - 50 lots
The group I belong to is is: A Couple
Village Details
Stage of Development: Aspiring to Gather People
Looking for new people?: We are looking for people to join our village
Education Centre?: No
Function Centre?: Yes
Holidays or Retreat Space?: Yes
Offering Eco Village Tours?: Yes
Provides Holistic Healing?: Yes

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