Sustainable Eco Villages

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AVFlame, San Diego, , United States
Idade: 71
Lugar: San Diego, California, United States
Tipo de Relação: Hablo en serio acerca de mudarme a una Eco Aldea
Ultima Atividade: 18-05-17

Seeking to Create or join a small Eco Village
Sobre mim


Senior female Holistic and Spiritually minded seeking an Eco Village of like minded individuals. I would like to share vegetarian, organic and sustainable living environment with others interested in this lifestyle. I have a number other friends interested also. If there is not an established community in our location we would consider combining resources and creating a land based village together.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living


Vision ~ Seeking to find/create a land based sustainable "Eco Village." Several Spiritual Health minded Individuals are creating a healthy vegetarian community in rural country setting. We would like it large enough to have space for herb/flower/fruit/vegetable gardens, composting site and recycling center. Workshops: woodworking/arts and crafts, cottage industries, barn, main central kitchen/library, out door kitchen/oven, lake/pond and Temple/meditation/yoga space, Conference and Educational classrooms/workshop teaching center, Holistic Healing center, Theater and Dance hall center, Recording studio and Art gallery. Maybe even a small store front to sell goods made by members. Would love to have hot-springs and crystal/minerals on land. Each individual or family would have private living space according to needs; such as a room, cottage, yurts, domes, earth-bag home, straw bail home or other creative ideas for dwellings: (tee pee) (tree-house)? Looking for maybe 12-24 members. A space to share land, co create, live and work. A place to build community and share that with the world.

Interest: Organic Gardening/Composting, Bio-Dynamic, Perm-Culture, Arts and Crafts, Dance, Music, Singing, Drama, Goddess Work, Belly Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Sufi Dancing, Meditation, Affirmative Prayer, Community Building, Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Vegetarian Gourmet Cooking, Ethnic Foods, Fermenting, Mushroom Cultivation.

Contact: Anna or call 619-921-1388


Sobre AVFlame
Nível de Interesse nas Vilas Ecológicas: Muito alto
Período de tempo em que você gostaria de se mudar para uma vila ecológica: Gostaria de mudar o mais breve possível
Eu mudaria para uma vila ecológica: Gradualmente enquanto meu jardim cresce
Meu tipo de vila preferido: Village with housing close to village centre
Preferred Size of Village: Small Community - less than 20 lots
O grupo a que pertenço é: -
Village Details
Estágio de desenvolvimento: Almejando Juntar Pessoas
Procurando por novas pessoas?: Estamos procurando pessoas para fazer parte da nossa vila
Centro de educação?: Si
Centro Comunitário?: Si
Férias ou Espaço para retiro?: Si
Oferecendo tours nas Vilas Ecológicas?: Si
Oferece Cura Holística?: Si

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