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Mama LiDa, , Malawi
Mama LiDa  
Age: 47
Location: Rumphi, Malawi
User Type: Other Organisation
Last Activity: 29-03-17

land and ecobuildings available for a serious group
About Me

Dear ecovillage lovers,

I am Karlijn and since i saw and read at the age of 31 years the book of John Seymour, self-sufficiency on onehectare, I completely learned so much about Life and understood so many things much more.I started to readmore and more about what i think is important for all of usand Morther Earth. I am an enthousiast and dreamer about ecologically systems,all what is permaculture,organic and pure natural!! A few years later,myhusbandand our litlle daughter of two,movedtoMalawi and I lived there for 10 years and after runing a lodge in the last years i have ecoligically built and set up a beautiful spot, ideal for a set up for an selfsufficient ecovillage. Therefore i am looking for a serious group who want to set up an ecovillage in Malawi. Due to personal reasons, I am not able myself to set it all up, soit can be rented,be bought or even a development agreement with development as payment insteadof rent... All the basic needs are there: a nice spot, title deed on the land, beautiful extra large house, smallhouse, other buildings, and a complete solar system for electricity and water pumping!! However i am able & would love to guide all the way with so many ideas, connections, contacts, experience etc. In the long term, i would love to join an ecovilage group.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living


Malawi is landlocked with Tanzania,Zambia en Mocambique. It has a beautifal lake,as big as the size of Netherlands and more....

If you/your group  are interested in a place to set upan ecovillage,please contact me and i will inform you more   


Information about Mama LiDa
Interest Level In Eco Villages: Very High
Time frames that you would like to move into an eco village: -
I would move into an eco village: -
My preferred village type: Village with housing close to village centre
Preferred Size of Village: -
The group I belong to is is: -
Village Details
Stage of Development: Aspiring to Gather People
Looking for new people?: We are looking for people to join our village
Education Centre?: Yes
Function Centre?: Yes
Holidays or Retreat Space?: Yes
Offering Eco Village Tours?: -
Provides Holistic Healing?: -

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