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ecofeminista, Hilo, , United States
Age: 109
Location: Hilo, Hawaii, United States
User Type: I am an Eco Village
Last Activity: 08-04-18

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community
About Me

Director of a Free Speech EcoFeminist Community in Hawaii!

My name is Mojo, I am a dark skinned Indian male. I am also the Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii. I grew up in England at a time when it was still okay to beat up 'Pakis', (a derogatory term for Indians).

I could have let those racist incidents of my childhood affect my whole life. However, if I took offense at every racist inference or comment I received I would never have evolved as a person. I would still have a big chip on my shoulder and see prejudice everywhere. But I don't.

I grew to understand that speech, jokes, comments, and criticisms of my race were often just other people's attempts at trying to understand my people rather than an automatic indicator of prejudice. And I also realized that no race, creed, religion, gender etc is so sacred that it can't be criticized or joked about!

Every culture, creed, race, gender, orientation and so on has stereotypes. Some of those stereotypes are good, some are bad and some are just strange or funny.

Critical commentary or satire on stereotypes is not automatically prejudiced.

Making a racist joke is different from genuine racism. A person who is laughing at something funny they have noticed about a particular race is not necessarily racist.

The key is the intent. Racist intent is often followed by racist actions. The same applies to sexism and any other form of prejudice.

However, we need to have honest discussions about the identities that define and divide us.

That is why alongside my work in women's rights, I also am a passionate defender of free speech and is one reason why I chose to live in America, home of the 1st Amendment.

Implying prejudice when one feels offended is one of the greatest censors free speech today. Because an accusation of prejudice is a serious thing. In today's PC world, it has legal implications. A person can lose their job and reputation for an implied offense.

At Hedonisia we try to balance the line between personal politeness and free speech. We fully defend our rights to freely discuss the various projects we work on, no matter how politically incorrect. However, as a community of individuals, we try to respect the boundaries of those who do not want to be a part of those discussions.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

Many people are tired of living alone in apartments or isolated in nuclear households in a city. Especially young people often express the desire to live in a community setting that is in alignment with their values.

As a result, all over the world, intentional communities are being created. However, many fail because creating and managing a viable community is not easy!

Hedonisia Hawaii is a liberal, tolerant, female and gay-friendly Eco-Community. It is a perfect place to unwind in a rainforest retreat.  We attract many idealistic travelers, backpackers, students and environmentally friendly 'eco-tourists' from across the world.

Depending on their travel needs and interests, idealistic travelers can choose one of our affordable working holiday programs:

Along with the Eco-Tourist options we offer at Hedonisia, our community also manages a Portfolio of EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Projects.

Information about ecofeminista
Interest Level In Eco Villages: High
Time frames that you would like to move into an eco village: I already live in an eco village
I would move into an eco village: N/A
My preferred village type: Multiple Occupancy
Preferred Size of Village: Small Community - less than 20 lots
The group I belong to is is: A group of 10-25
Village Details
Stage of Development: Thriving Village
Looking for new people?: We are looking for people to join our village
Education Centre?: Yes
Function Centre?: No
Holidays or Retreat Space?: Yes
Offering Eco Village Tours?: Yes
Provides Holistic Healing?: No

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