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Sander, , Netherlands
Age: 109
Location: Netherlands
User Type: I am Serious about moving to an Eco Village
Last Activity: 03-05-16

Young man Looking for Eco Village to be a (deep) organic farmer
About Me


My name is Sander and I'm origionally from planet earth.

I'm 29 years young and are looking for places to stay in Europe, specifically communes and Eko Villages where people have spare land for farming. I'm looking for about 0.5 to 2 acres to farm and in two to three years can supply the vilage with 100% of its vegetable needs, in later years possible 100% of all food for no meat diets :).

I left my ex-home country of the Netherlands in search of a better life without pullion. And to live a non-city lifestyle for the rest of my life. I left innovember 2011 and so far have travelled to New Zeeland, Australia, Canada, Asia and are now in Ecuador.

I found that my life calling is to be an artisan, and living a substainable life (who knows what that means ;)?). And to eventualy settle on my own piece or shared land togheter with friends living in a commune or tipi village. Maybe in Europe its better to build a good yurt :).

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

I have lived in an eko village before in Australia and I found that it was one of the more positve experiences in the last couple of years. I wish to find this again and live in harmony with mother nature, in a place where people appreciate each others company :). Togheter with friends and polyamorous.

I'm a really skilled (deep) organic farmer now and feel I have enough experience to start my own farm, This is my goal. I hope to be able to grow enough food for at least a 100 people and make an income of this, to be able to invest in the next couple of years of my life :). I think that this can be a co-op effort and if there are other (dilligent, meticulous and hard working people on the commune) that I might be open to share the farm business so it will more benefit the community. I want to make friends and live togheter with people. I hope to find people who don't have bad habits, in a village that is woman and (inner) child friendly :). This is important for me, I kinda look down on the dumbed down smart phone dumb brain generation, that lack of critisism towards their parents generations mistakes and bad choice of direction and unwillingness to admit that major decisions in terms of what is acceptable morable (selfish ego) behavior have to be reversed. Making my dream sort of special and unique among the millions who still in their alternative villages accept drugs and smoking around children for instance, instead of free love, respect for woman and nature and leading by intuition and gut feelings, this is important in our time to keep honoring on the earth, and I hope to find a place where people honor this as old as the earth herself tradition.

Unfortunaly how the world is now I feel as if I have to be economically substainable first (trough small scale intensive organic farming) and are then able to invest in a food forest and maybe more fancy yurt or something. My farm could eventually a stable basis to support other people after the initial setup.

Information about Sander
Interest Level In Eco Villages: Very High
Time frames that you would like to move into an eco village: I'd move in as soon as Possible
I would move into an eco village: Gradually as my Garden Grows
My preferred village type: Not Sure
Preferred Size of Village: Does Not Matter
The group I belong to is is: Just Me
Village Details
Stage of Development: -
Looking for new people?: We are looking for people to join our village
Education Centre?: No
Function Centre?: -
Holidays or Retreat Space?: -
Offering Eco Village Tours?: -
Provides Holistic Healing?: -

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