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inland croatia, , Croatia
inland croatia  
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Ubicación: Croatia
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Sustainable living is Croatia.
Acerca de mi

Michele and I have been living in Croatia for seven years and many other like minded people have now joined us to create their own "good-life".

We have built and restored our own farmhouse and helped many other people to do the same. We specialise in bringing old buildings back to life and making them suitable for today’s modern needs.

Education is a major part of our "BIG" plan as are all aspects of sustainability and green building practice. Our website explains more about our philosophy and ambitions in this respect, so please take a few minutes to see what we are up to.

Visit our website and blog for information about us, our clients and friends and the possibilities for living a greener way of life in this lovely country.

If you have any ideas or comments then please feel free to contact us by email through either website.

Keith Pierce.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

Until now we have been involved in the restoration of individual homes for individual people; now we are building our first complete Eco Village.

We have the land, the water, the power and other infrastructure is already in place, our planning approvals are ready so now all we need now is the people. Two other ex-pat families already live in the village and a Croatian farming family have also built their home there, so the process has started and you would not be alone.

For our first project we have created just 11 plots forming a small hamlet style of layout where we (or you) can build an individual home of your choosing.

Ideally all houses in the village would be constructed in a traditional style and incorporate some renewable energy technologies. We are not strict on the size, design or exact format or each persons home, instead we would prefer to be flexible as everyone will have different needs and ideas.

Neither are we designing a community, that is something that will build itself over time and involve the people who actually live there. Our aim is simply to provide an idyllic space where like minded people can live within the same area, the rest will come naturally.

You can see some examples of traditional Croatian buildings we have restored for other people on the projects page of our website.

If you like the concept and would like to come to Croatia and see if its for you then drop me an email and we can explain things in more detail. We will also forward you a copy of our free advice and information pack explaining everything about buying/building a property and living in this lovely country.


Información acerca de inland croatia
Nivel de Interés en Eco Aldeas: Muy Alto
Plazo de tiempo en que le gustaría mudarse a una Eco Aldea: Ya vivo en una Eco Aldea
Me gustaría mudarme a una Eco Aldea: Rápido – Inmediatamente
Mi tipo de aldea preferida: Village with housing close to village centre
Preferred Size of Village: Very Large Village: 500+ lots
El grupo le pertenece a : Una pareja
Village Details
Etapa de Desarrollo: Algunas Personas ya se han establecido en él – Primeras Etapas aún
Buscando nuevas personas?: Estamos buscando personas que se unan a nuestra aldea
Centro de Educación?: Si
Centro de Funciones?: No
Vacaciones o Espacio para Descanso?: Si
Ofrecen Visitas a Eco Aldeas?: Si
Brindan Curación Holística?: No

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