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KindomVite, , Australia
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Location: New South Wales, Australia
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Kindom Vite - Brotherhood of man living in harmony with life
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My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

I'm planning to co-create an eco village based on the principle described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia Books. Somewhere around 150 separate Kin Domains I think would be a nice and workable size. I believe in live and let live, so as long as a few principles are adhered to, and some others aspired to, I'd be happy. The main principle I think would be a strict rule would be for each member/family to aim to plant out their kin domain with a sustainable garden full of edible goodies, according to how the owner of that kin domain desires.

I'd like the village to have a village centre with a school, community hall and a market place and a playing field, as well as other features. I'd like to live somewhere that is relatively car and vehicle free, so the village would be set up so parking is at the edge of the village (maybe having a couple of parking areas) and the gates open to traffic on occasions (eg. once a week)

I'd like the centre to also have a healing centre, as well as some accommodation for visitors. An area could be built and used as accommodation for members whilst their homes are being built, and then later transformed into visitor accommodation. This would make a place for people to come and learn and experience first hand the way of life for a short period of time. A place to inspire others that may wish to undertake this way of life.

Some kind of community food co-op could be set up, for example on one or two days a well people could bring their surplus produce to the village market. People can trade in what ever way appropriate and the excess is recorded and sent off to organic markets, with the money returned to them according to what they have sold.

As part of the village there would be some sort of village council or similar, that would manage such things as the village centre, common lands/roads and pathways, as well as a village vehicle (eg. a mini-bus for carpooling to the nearest town) and also a tractor. All villagers would have to participate in this process somehow, whether it be through working bees or fund contribution, and elections. I would like it to be simple, and not a regular time consuming process with too many regular meetings or pressure to attend working bees too often.

Ideally there would be a minimal use of technology, and a very self contained self sufficient kins domains within a self sufficient community. I realise that plants take time to grow and homes take time to build so many people may have a split life for a time (ie living in the town or city where they are living now some of the time, and living on the property the other half of the time), before their kins domain is ready to live in full time, so this process would be taken into account. 

We'd need a group of about 75 people/couples/families or so to form this, that would leave space for another 75 or so to come later, and It would be our project, not mine. I'll update this later, as other ideas come in from other people interested, so please message me. Also if you are interested join the group named 'KindomVite' here

Information about KindomVite
Interest Level In Eco Villages: N/A
Time frames that you would like to move into an eco village: N/A
I would move into an eco village: N/A
My preferred village type: Village divided into Kin Domains
Preferred Size of Village: Large Village: 150 - 500 lots
The group I belong to is is: -
Village Details
Stage of Development: Aspiring to Gather People
Looking for new people?: We are looking for people to join our village
Education Centre?: -
Function Centre?: -
Holidays or Retreat Space?: -
Offering Eco Village Tours?: -
Provides Holistic Healing?: -

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