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melipie22, Salt, , Spain
Age: 39
Location: Salt, Cataluna, Spain
User Type: I am an Eco Village
Last Activity: 11-12-16 (View blog)

3/4 families, 30 hectares, Eco Dome, Spain
About Me

 We are a family of soon to be four :) Recently moving from France to Catalonia Spain. We try to eat well, live well and we are looking to improve the state of the world by learning to be self sustaining! We were raised in cities (Los Angeles and Rennes) but are finally ready to make the big move into nature. Our life styles have been organically driven in this direction for many years now; becoming a vegetarian for 6 years now, divorce, homeschooling our daughter, organic eating as much as possible, alternative houseing experiences (yurt). Although we enjoy comforts of the cities we know better life awaits with the trees and fresh air. We moved to Spain for the sun actually.With enough research under our belt to now start taking action we have found a piece of land that suits us.

 We are also musicians playing some small, and some large venues... (we also had a TV spot!) and I am a massage therapist that had my own business in Arizona some years before the move to France. We speak english, spanish and french but the local community speaks catalan and spanish... some english and french also. It is a very culturally diverse area. And... we are travelers/ explorers.

My Ideas and Dreams about Eco-Village Living

 We are looking for two to three families to share a 30 hectar piece of mountain forest with in Canet D'Adri, near Girona Spain. We are in the process of buying the land and working on a deal for the loan. The land also has water on it but no electricity and 5 kilometers from the road. The eco Dome project is a long standing one in which we have invested time, energy and even taken classes in construction of a dome last summer. Families, or couples or even serious singles are welcome to apply. Our vision is happiness in simplicity but we also accept our dependance on modern living for now. The goal is to be self sustaining one day but not leaving behind the little luxuries such as a toilett and warm clean living space. Diversity in trade work either in woodworking, experience in gardening, electricity etc are necessary to make this happen. We have a basic outline for the project and persons needed to keep this going full speed and welcome new ideas for the process.  We would be requiring some sort of financial investment for a serious commitment to the property and families joined. We have not yet outlined this in an amount but once the discussions begin perhaps we could decide together what is necessary. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Update: We are planting our gojiberry trees (1200) at the end of october and the road is almost finished. Everything for the yurts (solar panels, solar water heater, goemembrane, felt, sand gravel, tools, floor stones, two complete yurts, water tank etc. ) installation is hear and we will be installed by the end of this year. Some of our work for the main floor has been started already but we are now shifting focus for the moment because of the trees comming to be transplanted! We are excited!




Information about melipie22
Interest Level In Eco Villages: Very High
Time frames that you would like to move into an eco village: Near Future - 6 months to 2 years
I would move into an eco village: Quickly - In one go
My preferred village type: Village divided into Kin Domains
Preferred Size of Village: N/A
The group I belong to is is: A small family of 3-5
Village Details
Stage of Development: Pooling Finances and Looking For Land
Looking for new people?: We are looking for people to join our village
Education Centre?: N/A
Function Centre?: N/A
Holidays or Retreat Space?: N/A
Offering Eco Village Tours?: N/A
Provides Holistic Healing?: N/A

melipie22 :
2016-10-11 21:03:52

Hi all! We are back on the site. The road is almost finished and the goji trees are going in the mountain at the end of this month! Lot's of work happening. This summer I took a permaculture course and we are ready to move our yurts on to the land by the end of the year. Our baby is now a year and a half so things are a bit easier :) We are now really ready to meet some of you. I will be online more often so let's do this! xo
somesh :
2015-07-26 06:23:51

Hello, we are interested in your project. Thanks for getting in touch. Can you send us more details. Many thanks!

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