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features of sustainable eco villages

Bringing people together to create low impact affordable housing in socially & ecologically harmonious communities

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A Warm Welcome.

Our Vision is the creation of peaceful, healthy, sustainable eco-villages throughout the world.

Our Social Network has been designed so that people can find others to create an eco-village with. You can set up a profile showing what you want, and you can also set up a profile for your ideal eco village and invite people to join you in creating that dream, then form a group to decide your own course of action.

The front pages are information pages to get you thinking about what is possible and ways to make it happen, allowing for visitors to post related comment and links.

We hope you enjoy using the site, and find it both informative and rewarding.

“Eco-Villages are human scale, full featured settlements which are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future.” Robert Gilman (Context Institute 1991: 7).

Have you ever dreamed of living in an eco-village or creating the ideal village that

matches what you believe is the right eco-village for you?

Our site will help make your dreams a reality

Can’t find an eco village in the area you are looking for? Create a profile for it! - You might just get the right people interested working with you to make your dream a reality.

Whether you would move into an eco-village immediately, or not for another ten years, create a profile...your presence may help both your own and others’ dream come true.

Even if you aren’t an active member, your presence will help get the numbers, you may be contacted when a group is almost ready to start forming a village.

What ever your vision, what ever your plans - your profile will inspire others and help stimulate new possibilities for our planet...

Our site is new, if eco village living is important you, then sign up and use the features. As more people join, more will come, making the creation of eco villages easier for every one.

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features of sustainable eco villages

❀ Users can upload photos, or videos that others may find inspiring or informative.

❀ Eco Communities and other users can post upcoming events including seminars and workshops.

❀ Users can post blogs of their experiences, opinions and information for other users.

❀ Engage with other users through the forums, chat rooms and instant messaging.

❀ Members can create groups, whether based around a particular topic, or for the purpose of forming a type of village in a particular area. Each group has it’s own forum.

Anyone who is interested in sustainable living, who is supportive of our vision of creating eco villages but does not necessarily want to live in one personally, is also welcome to join and participate in our social network.

Sustainable Eco Villages is a social network set up for people to find others interested in forming eco villages. Through the network users can form or join a group that may then go on to form an eco village together.

The site has 3 purposes:

1. The social network for finding others and the free exchange of information and ideas.

2. To provide resources and links of information related to sustainable living and setting up an eco villages.

3. Eventually setting up an non-profit organisation to provide support and low interest loans to groups that are planning to start an eco village.

As changes are made to the site, and new progress has been made, updates will posted in the  ‘what’s new’ section found by using the above menu, or within the site news


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