I've searched through this website and found a lots of members,...">

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New Eco-Gaia village already built?

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Hi all,
I've learned about this website from lady on:
I've searched through this website and found a lots of members, that would like to move to eco village straight away. But i didn't find anyone living in one. It must be a bit tricky to start, as it requiers waste land devided into small for people to buy next to each other. It might be not impossible, but hard,when there are villages and towns already built and Earth land used. The other options would be to convert one village into an eco one, but with that someone would have to convert the existing owners into going green.
So why first, we dont create one village here! Thought creats talk and then actions happen. I would combine it with New Gaia, new planet Earth. How can we imagine to look like without any fear stopping us. Do we want money? Do we want fences? Do we want work? Isnt it better to have hobbies and passion to help each other? Fyzical effort would benefit our body, it would not stop us doing anything. Do we want time? How can we live in Now, wnen there is time limit, when to finish our work or tasks.
I'd like to discuss and learn new ideas, find more like minded people and start community. Im in Uk, but it does not matter at this time. I think virtual village is the key to start. Please don't hassitate to drop a few words.
At the monent I have some savings, but dont know where to start. I've done some permaculture courses and I'd like to start organic farming to grow my own food and later perhaps sell for locals or ideally give it to a nice community. For me mobile house perhaps coverd with straw bales joined with green house would be enough. The uglier, smaller house I have, the more time I'd like to spend outside..:) i did a straw bale course too, but the garden is now my priority no.1. We used to spend 80% of our day outside, now its the other way round.
  • February 26 2015 at 04:54 am

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