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Introductions, dreams, and questions

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Let me begin with a simple introduction. Hello, I'm SunStarr. I'm new to the idea of an Ecovillage but I have fallen head of heels in love with the idea of creating one in the future. I live in Nowhere Nebraska and it is incredibly hard to find like-minded, eco-loving, nonjudgemental people here. So here I am... looking for just that!

I dream of an ecovillage... lovely... friendly... blissful... etc. I've argued with myself over plausible locations... one day its deep in the rocky mountains... the next it is in the secluded red desert... and the next somewhere near the ocean. I honestly am open to input and ideas... maybe even any experiences you (my most likely nonexistent reader) have had. Ohhh how about the bayou (: I'd love to be surrounded by people... of any age... who share my (currently scattered) dream and possibly embark on this journey with me.

My wish list...
Pet friendly (currently have 3 cats and 2 pups)
Person friendly... slightly less important than the above (;
Open minded and open hearted people
Farmable land
Livestock (though I could be persuaded to go the vegan route)
Self-suffient living (solar/wind power etc)
A community to raise a family in

So my question are as follow...
What are your experiences living in an ecovillage?
What are your experiences creating an ecovillage?
Do you want to be friends? (Yeah I'm smooth)
What are rough costs that go into an ecovillage?
Are there any other website that can connect me with more people like YOU?

Thanks for the time...
  • July 20 2014 at 08:32 am
digger73 Sounds like a good plan, We too constantly change out hopes and dream land, in a nutshell, basically it is not so much where you are but who you are with.
July 22 2014 at 12:19 am
digger73 Solar power, wind, rain, and some sunshine are all that is really needed, we have 5 boys 18 to 7 yrs and 3 cats, woul dlike to add some german shepard dogs for training on protection and as hunting aids. We would love to raise chickens as well. is a site we started out.
July 22 2014 at 12:21 am
alicevcarter have a look at our website. you are the kind if person we are looking for to join our project :)
August 15 2014 at 07:37 am
MermaidOnLand I am also undecided about location, as I am extremely drawn to the ocean, but also to forest and rivers. All of which we have here in Oregon, wher eI'm at and where I'd like to stay if possible. My family is here, and even though they do not currently share my dream of a simple village lifestyle, they are supportive of my goals and I don't want to move away from them. I am leaning more towards the river in the forest idea, since land near the ocean really starts to make to ticket price go up.
September 12 2014 at 07:14 am

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