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Ideas for Our Home

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This is an old blog of mine from December 2011, its a year after I wrote this and its interesting to see how much more developed our ideas have become. What a wonderful journey to self-sustainability.

As our project is coming more together I am getting really excited to start out on our path of building our home and the potential of building a new tribe. In the past few weeks we have been preparing our friends and family for our new venture. Surprisingly we have gotten allot of excellent feedback in regards to the project, so you never know what may happen. Lou and I have spent countless hours talking about many potential and prospective plans to make our dream our reality.

When it comes to building our home as of right now we are looking at Cob houses, which are very strong structures that are fire and seismic activity resistant. Another aspect that I like is that the labor and materials that are required for the house seem allot less cumbersome as some of the other alternatives that we have looked at. We also want to consider that we will want to build onto our structure as we have the need to grow, this must be kept in mind when we are engineering the building. Plumbing needs to be considered more, as to what type of water pump we will want to use; we must also consider that we may need to add onto the system later so the design of this is very important to save from headaches later down the road when the project grows. Roof ideas are another consideration, we want to be able to collect and reuse as much rain water as possible, which will be very useful when it comes to sustainability. Next we must consider the placement of our solar panels, and the materials we will need to efficiently run our home.

I’ve also been dreaming about the kitchen (what woman doesn't dream about the kitchen?), been thinking about a stone or an oven made of the same materials of the house, and considering that we are leaning more towards Mexico at this point having a kitchen that is indoor/outdoor would be beneficial with the heat but still must consider that it does get cold in the winter months, so it’s imperative to think of both in the design. We have spent hours looking at pictures of the designs of the interior and exterior of the structures and one thing that is amazing is you can design shelves, windows, seating, and almost anything you can think of sculpting and incorporate it into the house. One thing that I am thinking about as I am writing this is maybe we should consider making the first part of the structure two stories high. This way we can separate a bedroom from the main area and kitchen, while conserving space for the initial phase of the structure. Anyway we have many things to still plan out as far as construction and we do have a little bit of time before we begin that stage of our project, but since it’s the main focal point of what we are doing we tend to discuss it allot.

Much Love,

  • December 11 2012 at 02:06 pm
kirstenmia Hi Ivee, We are also looking into cob building, it is such an amazing medium to create a home with. We are gathering windows and building materilas now.
April 9 2013 at 11:04 am

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