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the overall efficiency of the LED life and reliability through system | LED lif

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With led the rapid development of technology and gradually increase the efficiency of LED light, LED application will be more extensive. Especially with the global energy shortage worsening, people are increasingly concerned about the prospects for the development of the LED lighting market, LED will be the potential for light to replace incandescent lamps, tungsten and fluorescent. In addition, the interior lighting design, the LED will tend to energy-efficient, humane and art.
Throughout the development of LED industry in the world, current LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is relatively mature, LED Street Lighting,but on the other hand, LED interior lighting in many countries in its infancy, especially in China. However, as the country promulgated the 'phasing out incandescent roadmap', I believe that in the next few years, LED interior lighting will be an explosive leap. LED interior lighting, prospects will be unprecedented.
led lighting on a large scale into the indoor lighting market, the following conditions is essential.
1.led lighting to improve light efficiency in a low temperature, low color temperature of 4,000 K is usually the first choice for indoor home lighting. Warm white light to the whole environment more warmth and relaxation; cool white gives a clean, LED Street Lamps,efficient, bright feel, is more suitable for office and outdoor lighting.
2.led lamps extend the service life, improve system reliability. In general lighting applications, the overall efficiency of the LED life and reliability through system optimization can be improved.
3.led light: compact, efficient,New LED Light, and a variety of colors and output power to choose.
Power conversion: AC, batteries and other power efficient conversion of safe low-voltage, constant current power supply.
Control and drive: the use of electronic circuitry to achieve constant current LED driver and control.
6 Thermal Management: To achieve a longer life, to control the LED junction temperature is very important, thermal analysis is also essential.
Optical components: lenses, reflectors or light-material is to focus light to the optical components necessary in the target area.
  • April 23 2012 at 08:26 pm

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